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This Wikia is about the Roblox Group owned by J4ckHunter. Großdeutsches Reich is the idea of the 1000 year Reich, based on if it was coming true. This idea is attempting to cut the racism out and is full of custom lore to it!

Hitler has been changed for Jack Hunter, along with various other Nazi High Ranks for various other people!

This group is based in the year 1944, March. It will at times progress a month or year. This will keep the Developers busy with items to build and new ideas shall be sprung to life!

The look of what Berlin should be like made by Albert Speer

Germany has already gone under its remodel and now has the visioned model of what Hitler, modelled in real Life. As shown on the side!

This model was created by the Famous Architect, Albert Speer. This picture looks north towards the Volkshalle!

Although our Berlin has been formulated with this design in place, it doesn't exactly meet it 100% of the way! It changes aspects and modifies the few a bit!


*Links to Nations won't be added until that Nation is made on Roblox as a Group, under the authority and permission of J4ckHunter/BloxMaul.

  • The Time Line
  • Großdeutsches Reich
  • The American Alliance
    • United States of America
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • Honduras
    • Guatemala
    • El Salvador
    • Panama
    • Costa Rica
    • Nicaragua
  • The Axis Powers
    • Japanese Empire
    • Kingdom of Italy
    • Kingdom of Hungary
    • Reformed British Empire
    • Greek Empire



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The Party and Country Original Flag.

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The New Flag of the Country and Party.

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